About me

About Me

Daring, bold and impossible to ignore - meet Stefanie Marsse, an emerging pop artist currently making her mark on the global music scene. Her style is distinctly pop, fusing the indie-esque vocals to the sweet, soft-rock melodies. She’s highly versatile and able to work in a variety of genres as she continues to push the boundaries of what pop music can be. The up and coming artist uses music as a way to express her truest self and share her life experiences with the world. Born and raised in the Philippines, the young singer has been writing her own lyrics and melodies since she was just eleven years old. She’d been listening to a multitude types of artists since she was a child and even won first place in a  singing contest when she was only eight. Her love for music grew as she continued to win singing competitions. She went on to train with professional vocal coaches at the acclaimed Center For Pop and ABS-CBN’S Star Magic. Stefanie notes that music is like oxygen for her and she couldn’t live without it. These days she’s in the early stages of launching what she hopes to be a blossoming career in the pop industry. The singer hopes for her music to tell her story so her fans can get to know her through her music. Her mission is to make the world a happier, more interesting place by putting out music.